Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Cara Bertayamum

If a Muslim want to pray while he does not find water for ablution, then he could tayamum. Tayamum is a substitute for wudu if there is no water. Tayamum prescribed in year-6 H, when the battle of Bani Mustaliq. When prayer time came, Rasullulah SAW did not find water for ablution. It was then thet the word of Allah SWT descen on tayamum (Q.4:43) Rasullulah SAW said "The whole world has made for me and for my people as a mosque and purification aquipment, where my people have to pray, then his side there is a tool for purification." (HR. Ahmad).

How Tayamum
Started by laying both hands to the ground.
Then face rubbed with dust that is stuck in the palm of your hand twice sweep.
Finally, wiping both hands up to the elbows twice tana dust. sweeping is done by hand rubbing his left to right, starting from the back of his hands up to the elbows, then turned over the inside of the elbow to the wrist. And vice versa for the left hand, is done with the right hand.

Lessons Tayamum
permissibility tayamum lieu of wudu is a sign that Islam is not difficult for people. This is a convenience that Allah SWT Almighty to His servants. Although done with the land, not intended for littering tayamum face. Tayamum put do enough with your palm on the ground or a wall. It certainly can be done anywhere: at home, in the car, on the train, or even on a plane.

Differences Tayamum and Wudu
Tayamum apply temporary, while valid Wudu so on, until it is canceled by the wudu one reason for the existence of ritual impurity. Tayamum only valid for one obligatory prayer time, so someone must tayamum to perform any obligatory prayers.
However the people who tayamum be doing some sunnah prayers with one tayamum.

Terms Tayamum
1. After entry of a prayer (before entry time should not be tayamum).
2. After the attempt or endeavor to find water but not seen or water that would be used too little or just to drink sake only.
3. Before doing tayamum ought first eliminate unclean if any.

Circumcision-circumcision tayamum
1. Facing the Qiblah.
2. Read " Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim"
3. Diluting dust in hand.

Cases cancel tayamum
1. Anyact or what treatment it will cancel wudu tayamum also canceled.
2. There is water after the prayer was about to perform.